How to Roll Fluidly

This video is of Marcelo Garcia and Ryan Hall demonstrating a different type of rolling.  They are mainly going for positions, not submissions.

This style of rolling develops more fluidity in your jiu-jitsu.  In this type of rolling, when you achieve a position or get a submission, you don’t stop your partner from escaping.  You let them out and counter their movement while staying relaxed.

Rolling like this is a great way to warm up.  It is really good for people to do to learn to be relaxed.  If you regularly get too tired rolling, that means you are probably pushing and pulling with a lot of strength.  Training like this will make a huge difference in your jiu-jitsu.

This type of training is only possible with people that can control their ego.  This rolling is not about winning- it’s about becoming more sensitive and fluid: staying connected with your partner and being able to respond to whatever your partner is doing.

I included the links to part 2 and part 3 of their rolling.  You’ll notice that they start moving faster and more intense as time passes.  It is natural when you do this type of drilling that you will want to add more intensity and will start finishing submissions.

If you want to see part 2, click here:

Part 3 here:


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