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The Deeper Aspects of BJJ

There is a lot more to be gained from Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu than getting a better position or submission. Martial artists of every art say that their art is only 10% physical (or even less). BJJ is no different!

How to Meditate (2 techniques)

When you sit to meditate, you can use several different poses.  You can sit on a chair with your back away from the back of the seat.  You can sit in a kneeling position, with your shins on the floor (called “seiza” in Japanese).  You can sit with your legs crossed.  For the flexible, you can […]

Can Martial Arts Training Make You More Peaceful?

” There is nothing so gentle as real strength.  The man who is at peace with himself is less likely to war with others.” Years ago I heard an instructor that I was training under give a sales presentation to a single mother for her son and her to train in martial arts.  My instructor […]