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BJJ Techniques & Drills

There is a lot of information on the internet about BJJ, and some of it is good. I will be offering here techniques and drills that you probably won’t see anywhere else. I hope this information is helpful.

Genki Sudo

Genki Sudo is a really unique competitor.  The thing that everyone notices is that he isn’t afraid to fly!  What I really appreciate is that he doesn’t hesitate.  He makes a 100% commitment to whatever technique he is doing, whether its a flying triangle, a lateral drop, or an ankle lock. If your technique lacks […]

What is Ginastica Natural?

What is Ginastica Natural? Students often ask me what is the best conditioning for BJJ.  My first answer: BJJ!  You will continue to develop technique as well as your conditioning, whereas if you went jogging, there is no technical benefit. Doing more BJJ isn’t always possible.  You may not be able to make it to the […]

Motivation to Train the Deep Half Guard…

What’s The Best Type Of BJJ Training? Part 2

continued from part 1… If I had to choose one type of training, it would be rolling with a black belt.  And it is a specific kind of rolling.

What’s The Best Type Of BJJ Training?

If you could create the optimum training experience, what would it be like?  Would you roll all the time?  How much of the time would you spend repping techniques? I will list several different training methods and list their benefits and weaknesses:

How to Roll Fluidly

This video is of Marcelo Garcia and Ryan Hall demonstrating a different type of rolling.  They are mainly going for positions, not submissions.

Roger Gracie Gomes

Roger Gracie Gomez is a great Jiu-Jitsu practitioner,  and is a calm and humble person.  This compilation video is nicely done. Notice Roger consistently uses basic techniques for success.  Many of his submission victories are cross chokes from the mount!

Are Leg Locks Part of Jiu-Jitsu? Part 2

continued from part 1… 4) Higher level practitioners do them and not lower level because most BJJ practitioners are not good at leg locks.  If they are a brown belt, their leg locks are normally at blue belt level.  Beginners may be told that they will learn them when they are higher rank, but in […]

Are Leg Locks Part of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

There is a bit of controversy on this topic.  When I started training and I was originally under the Gracies, I was told that leg locks are: 1)  dangerous 2) on kneebars you turn your back, and turning your back is really bad 3) if you train them your guard passes will suffer 4) that […]

World Champions Leo Viera and BJ Penn Rolling

I like this video for two reasons. The first is how BJ Penn defends his guard being passed.  Notice how he always keeps some kind of barrier up to prevent the pass, and how he keeps moving his hips.  And the way he uses his legs is really interesting! The second is how relaxed both […]